Walnut Wood – Handmade – “One of a Kind”


100% Handcrafted

“One of a Kind”

100% Natural


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A unique bracelet of Walnut Wood, elastic cord.

12 handcrafted pieces of walnut wood make this unique bracelet.

Dimension: 5 cm diameter (external volume: 25.0 cm; internal volume 18.0 cm) x 3.8 cm width of the wood. The bracelet is 10.5 cm thick.

A thoughtful gift that will be appreciated more than an expensive present.

100% natural, solid wood – no dyes or stains!

If you’re a lover of jewelry-like accessories and have strong admiration with anything created from nature such as wood, this adorable and simple Wooden Bracelet will capture your heart as it’s lovely and truly unique.

Please handle with care – although strong and durable, wood bracelet is delicate – do not expose to water, showering, detergents, chemicals or heat

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 0.5 × 3.8 cm


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