Mahogany Wood & Cherry Wood – Bentwood – Handmade Ring

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Materials: Wood, Mahogany,Bentwood, Mineral Oil/Beeswax Finish

Each ring is handmade from start to finish. The grain is oriented by hand around the circumference of the ring bringing out the intrinsic beauty and warmth of the wood.

Bentwood rings are made by steaming and bending a single piece of wood veneer around itself oriented either ‘long grain’ or ‘cross grain.

This particular piece pictured above is carefully handcrafted Mahogany long grain bentwood ring inlayed with Cherry wood.
The ring is sanded and coated with multiple layers of a durable waterproof finish, and finally polished exclusively by hand.

No power tools are involved.

As each piece offers exclusive insignia – color and grain pattern which is impossible to replicate – no two wood rings are alike. Because each ring is so damn unique we do not make rings to order and we have no ‘rings in stock’.

US Ring Size 9.0 (19.0 mm)
Band Thickness: 2.0 mm
Width: 8.0 mm

All weights and measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from listed information as above.

Please handle with care – although strong and durable, wood rings are delicate – do not expose to water, showering, detergents, chemicals or heat.

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