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Purpleheart Wood


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Handmade item
• Materials: Wood, Purpleheart Wood, Mineral Oil Finish

Upper plate: Inox Sheet Metal

The Magnetic Knife Block is handcrafted from start to finish using a stunningly beautiful Purpleheart woods. Sometimes called Amaranth, this colorful Latin American hardwood is tremendously popular because of unique splash of color.In addition to its coloration, Purpleheart has excellent strength properties.

This elegant knife block is designed with no closed slots or holes and it accommodates 4 knives, sliding easily along the 4 sides with built-in powerful magnets that will hold your knifes safely in the place.
Hence, it is very easy to maintain and keep clean.

Maintenance guide: Rub periodically with mineral oil.


The knife block is surely an attractive idea and a useful gift intended for those who take pleasure in cooking or are just re-inventing the importance and joy of preparing healthy foods and entertaining menus for the family and friends rather than consume ready-made or prepared food.

Note: Our magnetic knife blocks contain 8 neodymium magnets, two on each side. These magnets are not shock proof. Therefore, hard impact between the knife and the block should always be avoided. To attach the knife, bring the tip of the knife blade to the top side of the block and slide down gently. To release the knife do the opposite, slide up and side

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Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 25 cm


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