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River Tables are beautiful creations as they tend to replicate an endless and fascinating source of inspiration – the nature itself. I myself have not considered of making one until I came across of an extraordinary 8 cm thick live edge Walnut slab. It was laying idle in a countryside barn for a couple of years. When I took off the surface layers it came up with its amazing beauty. Like it was destined to continue its second life as a river table. So I decided to make my own version .

I cut it in half and turned the live edges towards each other. I routed the edges to fit 6 mm clear tempered glass and went to a glass maker with the pattern to cut “a river” in between. The “glass river” follows the edge of the Walnut slab as it was created by the nature, no artificial interventions in this shape! I guess that is the reason it makes it so appealing.

It took me quite some time to finish it,air drying, kiln drying a lot of meticulous work, but finally here it is. A beautiful piece of nature captured in a coffee table. Final thickness of the slab is 6 cm.

I used only natural oil (Watco Danish Oil) to finish it and give it a nice gleaming and satiny surface.

I also made two pairs of steel legs – black and gold – as I was not quite sure which one would fit better. With a hind-site I can see they both fit well, although I prefer gold now.

When ordering please specify the color of your choice.

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 122 × 60 × 37 cm


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